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Abhayrab is a lyophilized, purified, inactivated Rabies vaccine that contain inactivated rabies virus (L. Pasteur 2061 Vero Strain propagated in Vero cells). Thiomersal is used as preservative.

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Abhayrab PF

Abhayrab-PF is a lyophilized, purified, inactivated Rabies vaccine containing inactivated Rabies Virus {L. Pasteur 2061/Vero Strain propagated in Vero cells) and is free from preservatives.

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Vaxtar-5 is a sterile, turbid white uniform suspension of purified Diptheria, Tetanus toxoid, Pertussia, Hepatitis B, and Hemophilus influenzae type-B (HiB). It is available in single (1 dose of 0.5mL vial) as well as multiple doses (10 dose vial of 5mL).

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Elovac-B is a non-infectious recombinant DNA vaccine. It is a sterile, slightly white turbid suspension of purified major surface antigen of HBV.

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Abhay-TOX® Tetanus vaccine is a sterile suspension of aluminium phosphate adsorbed tetanus toxoid in isotonic sodium chloride solution. Thiomersal is added as preservative. The vaccine, after shaking, is a uniformly turbid liquid, whitish in color.

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