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Foot and Mouth Diseasefaq’s

What is Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD)?
FMD is a highly contagious viral disease of cloven-hooved animals with significant economic impact, in cattle and swine as well as sheep and goats. In wildlife, all species of deer and antelope are susceptible to FMD with some of them such as the African buffalo, acting as carriers of the virus without showing clinical symptoms. In a susceptible non-vaccinated population, morbidity (the number of animals that will get the disease) could be as high as 100%. The disease is rarely fatal in adult animals but mortality can be high in young animals.
What causes Foot and Mouth Disease?
What are the clinical signs of FMD?
Where is the disease found?
How is FMD transmitted and spread?
What is the public health risk associated with this disease?
Why is FMD such a serious problem?
If an outbreak of FMD were to occur on a property nearby, what immediate steps could people take to help contain the spread of the disease?
How to control FMD? Does an FMD vaccine exist and does it work?
What is the schedule to be followed for FMD vaccination?
How safe are FMD vaccines?
What are the factors influencing vaccination success/failure?
What is the storage temperature of vaccine?
What are the vaccine strains recommended by OIE?